About the brand

Made in KUWAIT, ATELIERDOLZI is a non-seasonal brand that offers a collection of Bold Blazers for all. It is the first Kuwaiti brand to be featured on Fashion Channel and The Monte Carlo Fashion Week 2020 edition under the High Patronage of H.H Princess Charlene of Monaco.

At ATELIERDOLZI, we believe in slow fashion and ethical fashion luxury. We minimize wastage and work on pre-ordering only to be able to support local craftsmanship. All of our fabrics are sourced from Italy and are REACH Certified. We produce limited quantities every collection with no restock. Investing in one of our Blazers means investing in a unique high quality garment.

But not only. It is also a platform supporting current and future Boss Ladies around the World. ATELIERDOLZI believes in Coopetition rather than Competition. We want to support and help people achieve their dreams by providing them with the boost their careers need. ATELIERDOLZI offers brand collaborations opportunities during shooting campaigns and business promotions on its channels.

What’s new? In October 2021, ATELIERDOLZI launched its new website introducing in it talented designers from all over the world that place a focus on sustainable and ethical products.

We design. We collaborate. We empower.

About the designer
Born and raised in Paris, Dolzi is a Kuwaiti entrepreneur who travelled and lived throughout her life in multiple countries. She graduated with a B.B.A in Event Management from top hospitality school Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland. That is where she discovered her love for Blazers, a part of her daily university uniforms. A year later, Dolzi decided to pursue her interest for the Fashion industry and attended SDA Bocconi university, in Milan where she graduated with a Master degree in Fashion luxury and design management. Dolzi was always fascinated by the Fashion industry and her mother played a huge role in her love for it. In January 2020, Dolzi moved back to her home country, Kuwait where she decided to found her own brand ATELIERDOLZI: not just a clothing brand but a brand that supports, promotes and empowers others. She wanted to introduce to her home country an ethical fashion luxury collection, to educate today’s consumers about the topic of sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry. Dolzi always say: “A Blazer is the Extra touch of your outfit. It is so powerful. You can be dressed very casually, just throw a Blazer on and watch the magic happen. It is like you’re a whole different person.”