Meet Yussra – Founder of UC creates



UC Creates is a community built to connect skilled freelancers in Kuwait to local businesses in order to create a network that aids the client towards their vision. They strive to set small businesses on the right direction of success.

One objective: To provide small businesses the high end services they deserve.

Each service they offer has a specialized freelancer focused on it to ensure that your service will receive the right amount of attentiveness.

One community of freelancers

UC creates is striving to create a community where freelancers find opportunities creating means that can inspire them, and be inspired by them.


Inclusion & respect in the workplace

They welcome every creative and dedicated mind to join them. They have taken the decision to build their freelance community organically to ensure that each freelancer gets their fair share of our projects.

The inspiration behind

To support small and medium businesses in reaching their full potential. There are plenty of gifted freelancers with over 10 years of experience in their fields, that can make it happen and aren’t given the opportunity to. UC creates is giving businesses the opportunity to outsource with the best skilled freelancers.

What makes UC Creates unique

Freelancers and entrepreneurs don’t need to deal with each other as the staff of UC Creates works as the middle man. They also try to elevate their clients in every way possible by exceeding their expectations and letting them honestly know how they could improve their company.


Innovative, collaborative, inclusive and transparent

UC Creates is the perfect solution for small businesses to be provided with high-end services offered by young, talented freelancers. An inspiring enterprise with outstanding business ethics.

Yussra’s words: ” Women empowerment means everything to me. Growing up with a single mother raising a whole household taught me a lot wha t a woman is capable of when determined. So I root for every womaan’s success.”


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