Legal Matters: From Name Changes to Employment Laws

Yo, yo, listen up, I got some legal advice
From pips union collective agreement, to electrical contractor jobs precise
Let’s start with a name change, legally in Oregon
Step by step guide, to make it nothin’ but foreign
How to legally change your name in Oregon is the key
Follow the guidelines, and name change it’ll guarantee

Now let’s talk about employment laws, like alaska break laws
Understanding break regulations, and avoiding any flaws
Alaska break laws ain’t no joke, gotta keep it in mind
For a smooth work life, no trouble you’ll find

How ’bout social media privacy, laws protecting your rights
Legal rights explained, so you can sleep tight at night
Know your rights, and keep your privacy in check
Don’t let anyone misuse, your info’s what to expect

Option contracts and stocks, something to invest in
Understand how they work, for a win, not just a maybe or a might win
Check out how they work in stock trading, and make that knowledge yours
Invest wisely, and watch your stocks hit the highest scores

For all the legal symbols, clipart to represent ’em all
Legal icon images for download, and the legal realm stands tall
Clipart for justice, clipart for the scale
Representing the law, and it’ll never fail

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