Serious Legal Matters for Teens

Hey guys, today we’re getting real about some important legal topics that might affect you or someone you know. Check out these links for more in-depth information on each topic!

STA Collective Agreement Click here to understand the key terms and implications of the STA Collective Agreement.
Affirmation of Legal Work Status in Colorado Do you know someone who needs to affirm their legal work status in Colorado? Find out more here.
Do Bikes Follow the Same Rules as Cars? Check out these legal insights to see if bikes follow the same rules as cars.
Notice of Breach of Lease Agreement What are your rights and responsibilities when you receive a notice of breach of lease agreement? Find out here.
NC General Contractor License Prep Course If you’re studying for the NC general contractor license exam, this prep course might be helpful for you.
AML Transaction Monitoring Rules Examples Learn about some key examples and guidance on AML transaction monitoring rules here.
Pre-contract Enquiries What exactly are pre-contract enquiries? Find out the legal insights and advice here.
Are Dirt Bikes Street Legal in the UK? Curious about the regulations surrounding dirt bikes in the UK? Check out the legal insights here.
Is DNR Legally Binding? Understanding the legal implications of a DNR is important. Find out if a DNR is legally binding here.
Abortion Laws in Canada 2022 Stay informed about the abortion laws in Canada for 2022.

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