The Legal Lowdown: From Crypto Tax to Knife Laws

Check the crypto tax, make sure you abide,
Pay your dues, no need to hide.
When writing those legal docs, consider the font,
Make it clear and readable, that’s what you want.
Find the case law book, get the scoop,
Expert insights, it’s a legal group.
Need a GST refund statement in Excel format,
Meet the requirements, no need to react.
In Hong Kong, for the termination of a lease,
Know your rights, make sure it’s peace.
Legal terms like “without prejudice”, it’s not a dream,
Find out what they mean, in a courtroom scene.
Are you an employee or contractor, what’s the deal,
IRS checklist, it’s the real deal.
Follow the rules of conduct, know what’s right,
Legal guidelines, keep it tight.
From knife laws in Oregon to title insurance agreements,
The legal lowdown, it’s got entertainment.

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