Meet Maud – founder of Instance

Instance expresses a new idea of luxury through timeless and ethical pieces while reconnecting with a unique vision of fashion and femininity.

100% Made in Italy  by local artisans, Instance uses locally sourced fabrics (most of the fabrics being dead-stock), pure silk in particular.

The details of each garment is spectacular. Gifting yourself an Instance piece means investing in a unique garment, with unsurpassed quality while supporting the wonderful craftsmen and women

that work behind it.

What makes Instance different?

Their unique romantic designs and the special care they put behind each garment. Instance also produces limited quantities to create unique pieces. We love the exclusivity.

Their DNA lies in the blouse, which embodies their idea of modern femininity. Each collection elaborates on this very versatile garment. During every season different variations are offered by Instance.

The pieces we absolutely love:

The oversized Camilla cardigan in Beige, the Margarita silk dress in Olive green that is to absolutely die for and the beautiful Sophie blouse.

Maud says : “Instance wants women to feel powerful, seductive, contemporary and elegant, without compromising comfort and wearability. Our pieces are easily worn at any moment of the day and they are suitable for all occasions.”





We have completely fallen in love with Instance’s pieces. Hurry and grab a unique piece from their latest collections at

Follow them on Instagram: @instance_officiel

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